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This tutorial will guide you through YouTour's advanced Analytics. You will learn how to use the 3D Map which visualises your users across the world, how to interpret your YouTour's data and how to integrate YouTour with other analytics platforms.

Upload Images

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Learn how to upload images and videos to your YouTour.

On the Go

iPad Offline App

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Take your tour offline, for use at events, rural visits or overseas trips.  It also features a kiosk mode which stops users from quitting the app at an expo. 

Available to YouTour Pro customers only.

QR Codes

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Learn how to create QR Codes with YouTour Studio (available in YouTour Pro). You can put these QR Codes in your prospectus and printed materials. You can also customise the colours, design and place your logo on your QR Code.

Link to Your Website

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Learn how to integrate your YouTour into your Website.

iFrame Embedding:

Most of the time, we recommend the above technique which connects your website to YouTour, 99% of clients use this technique. However if you would like to embed your YouTour as an iFrame, scroll down to the last tutorial which talks about iFrame embedding.

Set Your Chapters

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Learn how to set the starting point for each of your YouTour Flythroughs. This way when a user selects a location from the menu system it starts where you want it. 

Minor Features

Here are some more tutorials that explain user management and accessing your YouTour Assets.


Account Setup

Learn how to add more users to your YouTour and manage your account.


Access your Assets

Here you can download all of your Flythrough's and 360 images. You own 100% copyright of all material we ever capture for you.


iFrame Embed

This tutorial will teach you how to embed your YouTour on a page and modify the YouTour Player using iFrame. Here is a document which gives you the code as well: Download PDF

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